Doing Business In Africa – A Seminar On Mauritius by PwC


There’s no question about it – for the last couple of decades Africa has come to be perceived as the land of plenty, with the resources and human capital to contribute greatly to the world’s economy. PwC has stood at the forefront of this journey into the volatile and complex business landscape that Africa offers, partnering with businesses and assisting them in riding the waves of change presented by the continent.

It’s clear that each context presents its own unique challenges and opportunities, which is why PwC is putting forward findings, insights, and recommendations specific to each country. As part of their “Doing Business in Africa” series, PwC presents the Mauritius chapter, offering businesses and investors a seminar that elucidates the path to successfully doing business in this region.

The agenda for the seminar includes:

  1. Country Context: This section explores the political and socio-economic realities of the environment.
  2. Business Vehicles: This section delves into the types of entities as well as the company vs. branch comparison.
  3. Legal and Labour: This section considers the legal system in question, important labour regulations, and bank requirements.
  4. Tax Framework: This section goes through a tax overview, tax incentives, and tax structuring.

The information, insights, and recommendations businesses will receive during this seminar will help them understand the constraints of this particular environment, while guiding them towards the potential opportunities that come from doing one’s homework.

As a professional service provider, PwC is committed to bringing you the details you need to make informed decisions, while offering you a suite of services that will enable your business’ long-term success. To this end, PwC has launched The Africa Coordination Centre (ACC).

The ACC offers support across the board – from managing cross-border engagements with a single point of contact, to identifying the correct subject-matter specialists to attain quality advice, to regular updates on new developments in engaged countries, this centre functions as a guidepost for all your dealings in Africa.

PwC also brings you the kind of hands-on assistance that will make your business venture run smoothly and efficiently at all times. Specific to the Mauritian context, they can offer your business:

  • An experienced team: PwC Mauritius has been in existence since 1984 and is a recognised thought leader and change initiator. You’ll have detailed knowledge of local issues right at your fingertips.
  • Services catered to your needs: whether your company is a multinational, a cross section of local businesses, or a public institution, PwC has the services you need.
  • Tax compliance: They provide a wide range of tax services – corporate tax compliance, Tax Deduction at Source (“TDS”), and Value Added Tax (“VAT”).
  • Tax advisory and investigation: At PwC Mauritius they offer additional services, including tax advisory, regulatory matters, and assistance with tax investigation raised by the Mauritius Tax Authority (“MRA”).
  • Tax automation and data analytics: PwC Mauritius provides tailor-made tax automation services.

And if this isn’t enough to convince you of PwC’s value as a steadfast business partner, you can also subscribe to their mailing list which allows you to:

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