PwC Reveals Their New Africa CEO


PwC proudly announced that the position of CEO to their Africa division has been filled by Dion Shango – the former CEO of the South African division. Mr. Shango will be taking over from Hein Boegman, who has held the position since 1 July 2015, and he’ll be starting on 1 July 2019.

This impressive achievement follows a process in which 400 PwC Africa partners across the continent participated. The responsibility is a significant one, as the Africa region includes the market areas of Southern Africa, East Africa, and West Africa.

Mr. Shonga’s journey towards this position is a testament to the kind of leader he will be. It was his goal from a young age to become an auditor. Through hard work and persistence, he found himself doing his articles at PwC, and unlike his cohorts, Mr. Shonga saw a future for himself there. He was inspired by the company’s dynamic culture that includes young people as well as older, experienced professionals.

Mr. Shonga has certainly set the bar, showing others what commitment and enthusiasm can lead to – at 39, he was the first black person to be appointed Southern Africa CEO at PWC since July 2015.

His own achievements motivated him to assist others in finding their potential and making the most of it. As a PwC partner since 2008, he took it upon himself to teach and guide others to become more confident and keep going no matter what. This drive to invest in the youth is also aimed at shaping the future and sustainability of the business.

In his own words, “our studies at university lay the foundation for being an auditor. We then do our articles to lean how to apply our book learning in a practical sense. Throughout the process of qualifying and even beyond, we rely on sharing the collective knowledge that we hold within PwC. It’s passed on from generation to generation, always incorporating the latest developments within the industry.”

PwC clearly values the old and the new in equal measure, making sure to draw on wisdom from the past as well as findings from the present. This balanced approach also reflects in their desire to harness both technical ability and people skills. Mr Shonga points out that “PwC invests significantly in the training and development of its people. It’s important to note though, that while it’s easy to gain skills through training, attitude isn’t something that can be learned. You can be the brightest person, with all the technical knowledge in the world, but if you have a bad attitude, your development will be limited.”

Based on Mr. Shonga’s story of success, it’s safe to say that he is a leader who pushes his colleagues towards doing their best for clients both in terms of technical knoweldge and personal relationships. The company has articulated its goal as building trust in society while solving important problems, and they believe that this is accomplished through integrity, making a difference, caring, working together, and reimagining the possible.

Mr. Shonga has shown himself to be a leader who will safeguard PwC’s legacy and perpetuate its values, taking the company – and its clients – to new heights.

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