Venture Into Africa With PwC’s African Coordination Centre


The complexities of doing business in Africa are not to be underestimated: divergent cultures, country-specific legal regulatory frameworks, and distinct political environments all come together to create some of the most challenging business landscapes the world over.

Luckily, PwC has developed a practical stepping-stone that will make your transition into the African market a successful reality.

Say hello to the African Coordination Centre (ACC).

Where to begin

To avoid entering the lion’s den without a chair and whip, you need in-depth information regarding investment, tax, and regulatory environments in the specific countries you hope to do business in.

One way of tackling these information gaps is to attend PwC’s Doing Business in Africa seminars focused on:

  • Specific business environments
  • Business vehicles available in-country
  • Taxation and regulatory frameworks
  • Exchange controls
  • Immigration requirements
  • Efficient ways of structuring engagement
  • Interacting with the country’s authorities

But this may not always be enough. You will likely need advice and services that are much more specific to your industry and business. In an effort to arm you with what you need to succeed, PwC has launched a strategic hub and centre of excellence to support your business operations in a more detailed, hands-on manner.

The extra mile

The ACC in Johannesburg houses a team of specialists who are focused on the African context. Get information and services regarding tax, mobility, and other business matters straight from the experts who have their ears to the ground.

The ACC offers:

  • A single point of contact for tax-related matters in Africa
  • Central coordination and oversight of pan-African tax and mobility projects
  • Support as you expand your business into Africa
  • Technology-enabled international mobility solutions
  • Compliance services regarding outsourcing (e.g. tax, immigration, payroll, etc.)
  • The facilitation of direct access to PwC specialists across Africa
  • Access to PwC Africa’s wide range of thought leadership information
  • The organisation of Doing Business in Africa events
  • Clear and prompt responses to questions on business activities in Africa

PwC doesn’t just pay lip service when it comes to assurance, advisory, and tax services. They develop the initiatives and centres that provide you with specialist support for your business venture, every step of the way. Through thick and thin, this is the partner you never thought you’d find and the one you’ll stick with now that you have.

So, if you’re looking at establishing or expanding your business presence in Africa, you might want to contact PwC and get started on the right foot.



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